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This site is just to show some of the products I have designed and built.

*I am not building dog or cat wheelchairs at this time.

 Former dog wheelchair customers: Email or call me if you need repairs or adjustments to a wheelchair I built for you. I can also recommend another dog wheelchair builder for you.


Welcome to Enabling Pets!
  • Lowered-height cat condos for limited agility cats, including elderly and CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia) cats.

  • Sturdy plywood bases on top and bottom of tubes.

  • Rear uprights stabilize the structure that can hold over 60 lbs.

  • Using bolts and nut inserts makes it very secure and easy to assemble or remove.

  • Simple assembly: Only tool needed is a 7/16" open-end wrench or adjustable wrench.

  • 16" diameter tubes for plenty of kitty hiding space; only a foot to the second level for easy climbing.
    Only two feet total length for placement in tight spots.

  • Plastic pads on bottom of support struts, adjustable in height to accommodate uneven surfaces. Turns with fingers, no tools required.

About Me

Two-Level Cat Condos, late prototypes