Enabling Pets: Assistive Devices for Cats with Impaired Mobility

Two-Level Cat Condo

Cat Wheelchair (Four-Wheeled)
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Two-Level Cat Condo
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Jingles peeks out of his bottom cubby.
Two-Level Condo: Inline Entrances

  • 16" diameter tubes for the largest cats; removable carpet inside for ease of cleaning.
  • Sturdy plywood tops and bases; reinforced mid-section, connect together with 1/4" bolts into nut-inserts.
  • Rear support struts have non-marring plastic pads, height-adjustable for uneven surfaces, no tools required.
  • Painted with base and top coats, then protective clear coat; water-resistant, easy to clean.
  • Simple assembly; only tool needed is 7/16" open-end or adjustable wrench.
  • Only 12" to the second level for easy climbing. Only 2 feet total length for placement in tight spots.


Half & Half (top cubby) and Jingles (below)

Two-Level Condo: Offset Entrances

  • Round entrances are offset 90° from one another.
  • Both models available in solid or two-tone color patterns.
  • Check with me for current available colors.










  • Rear vertical struts connect securely into embedded nut-inserts.
  • Plastic pads on bottom of struts are easily adjusted for height.
  • Main connection of top-to-bottom uses two bolts into nut-inserts.

Rear struts connect into threaded inserts

Padded "feet" adjustable with fingers

Easy access connection uses bolts and embedded nuts.