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Rich graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Penn State University (1985), then moved to the SF Bay Area and worked in manufacturing and design engineering for several years. He then returned to school to get his MS in Biomedical Engineering from California State University - Sacramento (1997) and worked in the fields of medical devices and assistive technology, wheelchair seating and positioning (for humans).

He started designing and building dog wheelchairs in 2004, after seeing a dog wheelchair featured on the Animal Planet channel and deciding to try his own design.


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After instructing in AutoCAD and mechanical drawing at Brookdale Community College for a few semesters, Rich took a position as an Instructor of welding at another community college. Not mentioned above, he attended welding school and was an accomplished welder for four years prior to attending college. He enjoys the hands-on aspect of teaching welding and the enthusiasm of his students who come from all different backgrounds and fields.



Using his TIG welder (Miller Diversion 165) in his home shop, Rich has designed and fabricated projects including bike display racks for Halter's Cycles, a custom bike carrier for his car, a pedal-powered snow mover, mountain bike chainring mudguard, a stand for rotating composters and an off-road recumbent trike with front suspension. See his Facebook page for photos of some of these and other projects: https://www.facebook.com/rich.bergins



Other activities he enjoys are running (slowly!) on the local trails, mountain biking with his new Giant 29-er, and volunteering. He has two cats with CH who enjoy the cat trees and condos he builds for them!